Watkins, Pawlick, Calati & Prifti

Michigan Employee Benefits and Labor Law

Watkins, Pawlick, Calati & Prifti was formed by the employee benefits team of Sachs Waldman when that firm dissolved. We are committed to providing efficient and high quality legal services for our clients. Representing the interests of working families is far more than a career choice or intellectual endeavor for us; it is a passion that makes us uniquely participant-focused.

The central focus of our practice is Taft-Hartley trust funds, often called the crown jewel of labor-management cooperation. Both Union and Management Trustees have great trust and confidence in the attorneys on our team because they know that our first priority and focus will always be on the best interests of the participants and beneficiaries, consistent with their own fiduciary obligations.

Rather than expend client resources extricating our clients from legal trouble, our focus has always been to help our clients avoid trouble in the first instance. A large part of ERISA is about process — commonly called due diligence. Making sure that the right process and procedures are in place and followed when contracts are prepared, when investments are made, when plan documents are drafted, when service providers are engaged, when participant claims and appeals are handled, and when decisions are made, is better than the best insurance that money can buy — and far less expensive.

We welcome you to learn more about our legal team and our areas of practice.