Collection Programs

At Watkins, Pawlick, Calati & Prifti, our collections attorneys have decades of experience in working with multiemployer collection programs covering a variety of industries.

We have established programs from their inception, including the establishment and enforcement of collection policy provisions for the timely payment of contributions, liquidated damages, interest, payroll audit costs and attorneys’ fees and costs.

We have successfully collected millions of dollars from delinquent contractors and used settlement agreements and other proactive enforcement measures to ensure that millions more in contributions are paid on time and in full before becoming delinquent.

Collaborative Employee Benefit Fund Collection Program Counsel

Our collections attorneys work as a team with administrative managers and payroll auditors to enforce the contribution obligations through “systematic, reasonable and diligent efforts” as required by the U.S. Department of Labor. Our attorneys promote open communication with administrative managers at the earliest stages of delinquencies that appear unlikely to be resolved at that level, so that we can issue a formal demand and, where applicable, assert claims for payments against general contractors. Our attorneys work with accountants and other payroll auditors to enforce the audit requirements set forth in collection policies, as well as to defend and enforce the amounts billed in payroll audit results.

Comprehensive Collections Reporting

We inform clients of developments in collection matters through the presentation of written collection reports at their meetings, and through less formal updates to designated trustees between meetings or when action is required on a settlement proposal or other resolution outside of the regular meeting schedule.

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